5 Reasons Why Super Affiliates Make More Money


Affiliate marketing is a business opportunity. That means there is unlimited moneymaking potential. But it also means that how much you make is proportional to how much work you put into it.

That doesn’t mean you have to make it a full-time effort, but it does mean you have to keep working at it consistently.

It’s easy money, relatively speaking, but just signing up for a program and putting up a link or two doesn’t guarantee instant income.

Whether you want to make a living doing nothing but affiliate marketing or are looking to generate a steady supplemental income to your regular day time job (like me), you must be willing to dedicate a certain amount of your time to it.

And this is a big part of the reason why income varies so significantly between affiliates.

Some believe that if they choose a program that performs well for others that the products will sell themselves, but it just doesn’t work that way.

If you understand that being a successful affiliate requires commitment, you’re ahead of the game.

But it’s still quite possible that you’re not making as much as you’d like to, despite your best efforts. There are certain traits that super affiliates possess that allow them greater earning potential.

Some of these traits are

1. Super Affiliates Include Affiliate Marketing Activities In Their Schedule

Telling yourself that you’ll spend a certain number of hours a week working on it is nice, but if you don’t set aside time specifically for that purpose, there’s a good chance that you won’t get around to it.

Whether they decide to spend 2 or 20 hours a week on affiliate marketing, super affiliates pencil it in on their calendars and stick to it.

2. They’re Not Afraid To Spend Some Money

You can become an affiliate for free, but if you’re serious about bringing in regular income, you’ll probably need to invest a little cash into it.

Super affiliates realize this, and they have no qualms about spending on site building, pay per click campaigns and other promotional efforts.

3. They Understand The Importance Of Their Stats

Knowing how many visitors your sites are getting, how many people are clicking on your affiliate links, and how many are buying is crucial to your success as an affiliate.

It will alert you to strategies that aren’t working so that you can replace them with strategies that do.

Super affiliates check their stats often and use that information to fine-tune their efforts.

4. They Are Eager To Learn

As the Internet evolves, so does affiliate marketing. New techniques and applications are coming out all the time, and if you ignore them, you could be left behind.

Super affiliates understand that you can’t learn it all in one sitting. Even if you were to learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing today, there will be something new to learn tomorrow.

5. Super Affiliates Don’t Mind Taking Calculated Risks

Just because the “tried and true” stuff is working, that doesn’t mean that they won’t attempt something new. It might work out and it might not, but super affiliates are willing to take a chance if there’s the possibility of greater profits.

If you possess these traits, there’s not much standing in the way of you making a nice passive income. If you don’t, work on them. Without them, all the tips and techniques in the world won’t be much help.

The good news is that it’s primarily a matter of attitude, and that’s something you can always change if you want to badly enough.