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[Review] This is my 100% Honest Converzly Review to help you make an informed decision on how this tool will truly help you in your own online business.

Before I do that I want to let you know that so many other so-called “review” websites offer very little information and they always seem to approve every product without highlighting the positive and negative points.

Continue reading my Converzly Review to discover the honest truth, including the “Pros” and “Cons” inside this exclusive Converzly review.

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Converzly Review – Overview

Product Name: Converzly

Vendor: Simon Harries and Justin Burns

Launch Date: Thursday July 20th @ 11:00am (est)

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Official Website: Click here to go to Converzly

converzly review

What Is Converzly?

Converzly is a 100% cloud-based program created by Justin Burns and Simon Harries and is accessible to anyone with an internet connection from a secure members area.

Converzly is the most advanced landing page builder I have ever seen, that automatically writes high converting sales copy for you.

I know a lot of people struggle to write effective copy on their website funnel pages, it’s a question I get asked about all the time.

Sitting there for hours (or even days) staring at a blank screen wondering what to say to get a visitor to take action.

For a lot of folks, this is a show stopper and their internet lifestyle dreams come crashing to a halt.

That is until now

Because this could potentially be the one thing that eliminates all your frustration and time-consuming activities trying to make your funnel pages look good and, most importantly, convert.

What Makes Converzly Different?

The professional page builder templates and functionality are similar to LeadPages and Click Funnels.

You can build, add or delete any part or element of the page template.

But what really makes Converzly unique is the high-converting copy it generates after you answer a few simple questions to create an Avatar (more on this later).

Converzly helps you to articulate what you should say on a landing page for higher conversions.

And don’t worry because you can also edit the copy if you need to, with a quick click of the mouse, directly on the page.

What Types Of Pages Can Converzly Create?

With Converzly you can select from a variety of over 40 beautifully designed, high converting, “done for you” page templates and edit them to your specific needs.

Page templates like:

  • Webinar Templates
  • Thank You Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • eBook Pages
  • One Time Offer (OTO) Pages
  • Optin Pages
  • High Ticket Coaching Templates
  • Attorney Pages
  • Health Pages
  • Website Pages
  • 404 Error Templates
  • Joint Venture Pages
  • And much more…

Essentially, you can create just about any page you have ever seen or imagined.

Why Do I Need Converzly?

Let me be honest with you. There are other options currently on the market for building high-quality professional landing pages and sales page funnels.

Software plugins like Optimize Press and cloud-based programs like LeadPages and ClickFunnels.

After using those different page builders I can honestly say they are not for beginners or anyone who is remotely unfamiliar with technology.

They require a bit of setup to make them useful and fully functional which can be a real struggle.

I have used several of these different solutions and I like to think I know my way around a computer.

And yet, it took me several days to get a simple landing page up and running and another few weeks before I learned how other parts of these types of programs worked.

With Converzly, everything is point and click simple.

Each step is very easy and after spending just 10 minutes poking around I feel quite comfortable navigating my way through the system to create amazing looking landing pages, adding my own images, replacing videos and creating fully functional optin forms.

How Does Converzly Work?

First, login to the dashboard and you will have 2 options to start building your page.

  1. New Smart Page
    Selecting “New Smart Page” takes advantage of the copy creation process. Simply answer a few questions to create an Avatar and you’re off and running with brand new copy every time.You can also save your Avatar and even have several of them created ahead of time.
    Then it’s just a matter of some small tweaks and you’re good to go. For those that might not be familiar with Avatars, it is a profile that describes your ideal customer. They are also known as Customer Avatars. (Age, gender, interests, desires, etc)
    They are quite useful when creating sales copy because it allows you to focus and keep in a conversational tone directed at a specific person (your ideal customer). Or, you can select…
  2. New Page
    Selecting “New Page” will allow you to skip the copy (Avatar) process and jump straight to replacing “placeholder” text.

It’s nice they have two options here because there are times when you will be in a hurry and just want to go straight to inputting your own copy “on the fly” without having to answer questions.

Then all you have to do is scroll down until you see a
Converzly Review template you like

When you hover your mouse over each template it allows you to Preview each one and/or use the specific template you want.

Once you have found a template you like click on “Use Template”.

Give your version of the template a unique name and click on “Start Building”.

This is when Converzly will ask you several questions to create your first Avatar (if you selected option 1).

After those brief questions click “Edit Your Page”

Next, you can start customizing your page template with the WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editor.

One of the best parts of the Converzly Page Builder is definitely something worth repeating because I have never seen anything like this before.

In fact, the most spectacular feature you won’t be able to find on any other page builder including ClickFunnels or LeadPages is the Copy Engine.

The “Copy Engine” allows you to change or replace different words or phrases from already existing sales copy Converzly has generated.

You see, as you are working your way through the page, tweaking the copy here and there, it gives you suggestions on different types of words.

For example, clicking on a word such as “Amazing” it will ask you if you want to replace that word with “incredible”.

Essentially, it has a built-in thesaurus so it always makes relevant suggestions in your copy that is directly reflected to your customer avatar.

Once you have finished you have four different options to publish the page you just built.

  1. Start promoting your page directly from Converzly’s website.
  2. Change the page URL to a more brandable one and promote.
  3. Download Converzly’s special WordPress Plugin and install the page on your own WordPress blog.
  4. Or, you can download an HTML file and upload that to your website if you’re not using WordPress.

These 4 different options allow everyone to start building professional, high converting pages without having to deal with confusing code snippets.

Converzly Features And Benefits

Here are the amazing features and benefits of Converzly so you can get all the information and see for yourself just how powerful this product really is.

100% Cloud-Based Log on from any device, anywhere in the world. On holidays and have a killer idea? Use your mobile phone and start implementing right away.

100% Mobile Responsive Smartphones are the most popular way your customers are accessing the internet. Now you can build marketing pages that look amazing on mobile and reach them.

Build 1 Avatar And Create Multiple Offers Answer questions to create specific profiles about your ideal customer that gives Converzly the information it needs to write your web page copy for you.

Full Autoresponder API Level Integration:

  • GetResponse
  • Infusionsoft
  • WebinarJam
  • GoToWebinar
  • MailChimp
  • Ontraport
  • iContact
  • ActiveCampaign
  • aWeber
  • SendReach

Full Training and Tutorials You will get personal group training with Simon and the Converzly team. Plus, you will have access to all of the tutorials at your fingertips.

100% Customizable Each template is fully customizable to suit you or our client’s needs. Simple drag-and-drop features make this the easiest page builder to use.

Countdown Timers and Exit Pop Triggers Full integration with this extensive full-featured program. (These are the two most asked about features)

How Much Does Converzly Cost?

Other pages builders like LeadPages or ClickFunnels cost anywhere from $99 to $300 per month and they don’t write your web copy.

OptimizePress costs $197 to $297 and you have a steep learning curve ahead of you (Trust me I know all about that).

It took me days of watching videos to get a simple landing page up and running. I was so frustrated I went and purchased Thrive Content Builder for $67 to use on one website.

The problem with Thrive is the fact there are a lot of features and after several weeks of playing around with it, I still don’t know what all it can do.

Not to mention, there were a few problems with some plugins that were non-compatible with Thrive Content Builder.

Besides, I have no time to sit down for the next 10 hours and watch even more videos.

The great thing about Converzly is a one-time cost between $197 and $297 (one-time) depending on when you decide to invest in this tool, so it is comparable in price to those other page builders.

But, don’t forget about the copy component.

This is what puts Converzly ahead of all the other solutions out there on the market and not to mention, Converzly is so much easier to use.

You will be up and running much faster and the templates are simply outstanding.

Who Is Converzly For?

There is a lot of versatility with Converzly. It’s for anyone who wants professional looking, high converting website pages without the hassles of a huge learning curve.

It doesn’t matter if you are an affiliate, have your own products or services or have clients who need high converting webpages.

In fact, I know of one person who goes around with a laptop to different businesses and offers them a complete website for $1,000 and do you know how he builds those websites?

He uses a landing page builder. He has no clue how to code but he does know how to use the page builder.

He opens his laptop, shows the business owner a few examples of his work from previous clients. It literally sells itself, especially when other service businesses are asking for $10,000 – $25,000 per website.

And he makes $15,000 per month without hardly trying.

The benefit of using Converzly is that it also produces the web copy.

Imagine, going into a business, asking the owner the exact same questions Converzly asks you, about his clients.

You plug in the answers and in about 30 minutes you just made $1,000 bucks yourself.

How many times per week could you do that?

What Bonuses Are You Offering?

There are a few other affiliates offering a crazy amount of bonuses. But guess what? Those bonuses are all PLR, meaning they bought the rights to give them to you.

Most of them are low-quality worthless junk so don’t get caught up in the bonus frenzy.

Besides, who can possibly ever use 10 different bonuses? Most of which aren’t even related to the actual product.

Other affiliates are offering cash discounts, some as much as $200. Guess what? This is a flat out lie because it’s specifically against the terms of service the product owners Justin Burns and Simon Harries, put into effect.

Do Not Be Fooled With Those Crazy Bonus Offers

I am going to do something different for you if you decide to buy through my affiliate link below.

If you purchase Converzly through my link (instructions below) I will personally review up to 100 pages you personally create and give you helpful tips and pointers to make your pages the absolute highest converting pages and funnels they can be.

Make no mistake, this bonus is worth thousands of dollars. It’s like you are getting personal 1on1 coaching with me. We can communicate via Skype, email or phone.

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How To Get My Special Bonus:

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When Will Converzly Be Available?

This advanced landing page builder software is going to be available on Thursday July 20th 2017 at 11:00am (EST)

Clear your internet browser cache and then click the green button above on July 20th after 11:00am (est) to complete your purchase.

Have More Questions About Converzly?

After reading my exclusive Converzly Review I hope that I have answered all your questions.

But during this review, if I have somehow missed answering your question please contact me immediately.

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converzly review

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